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Update on what happened across the GNOME project in the week from June 17 to June 24.

Core Apps and Libraries


Providing a simple and integrated way of managing your files and browsing your file system.

antoniof reports

The fresh new Files list view mode has arrived in Nightly, with many bugfixes and new features.

Ignacy Kuchciński announces

Hello there! My name is Ignacy Kuchciński and I’ve been selected for the GSoC'22 program to improve the discoverability of the “New Document” feature in Nautilus, the file manager for GNOME, under the guidance of my mentor Antonio Fernandes.

You can follow my progress with the project by checking out my blog here. You’ll find there a short initial post introducing me, as well as first update post that talks about our plans and milestones for the project.


A simple calendar application.

Adrien Plazas says

Calendar now has a pinch gesture for its week view. It works on touchscrens and touchpad as well as by scrolling while holding the Ctrl key. It will help the application work nicely on small touchscreens like GNOME mobiles.

Adrien Plazas says

Calendar’s events received a fresh coat of paint. The new style better matches the latest designs and supports the dark style.

Circle Apps and Libraries

Pika Backup

Simple backups based on borg.

Sophie says

Pika Backup 0.4.1 has been released today. It mostly addresses one external problem with scheduled backups and updates several translations.

The new version contains a workaround that fixes scheduled backups not working on some systems when using Flatpak. The systems affected are or were missing a fix for Flatpak’s auto start functionality.

The new version also comes with BorgBackup 1.2.1 on Flathub which brings several minor fixes.

Third Party Projects

Mazhar Hussain reports

Login Manager Settings v0.6 has been released with some very important bug fixes.

Bug fixes

  • A lot of Fedora (and other SELinux enabled distros) users were experiencing their Login Manager breaking after using this app. This has been fixed.
  • On Ubuntu, some settings (Shell Theme, Background, Top Bar Tweaks) were not getting applied. This has also been fixed.
  • Some other minor bugs were fixed.

New features

  • Command-line options for verbosity and printing application version have been added.
  • The application got a new GitHub Pages website with a nice Show in App Store link.


  • 4 new languages
  • 5 languages updated
  • Switched to Weblate for translations.

Click here for full changelog.

GNOME Shell Extensions

Advendra Deswanta announces

Lock Screen Message is released with GNOME 42 & libadwaita support and longer text feature! (max 480 chars width). So you can add your message with a longer explanations.

Advendra Deswanta announces

Shell Configurator v5 has been released after more than a year since the latest version (v4) was released and suspended the development.

This extension comes with BIG changes, including:

  • Added GNOME 41 & 42 (with libadwaita) Support
  • Rewritten and redesigned preferences look
  • New extension preset and configuration search feature
  • Added suggested extension section
  • Added more configurations!
  • Support more than 10 supported languages
  • Configuration module system
  • Bug fixes

and more changes on CHANGELOG.md.

You can install this extension on extensions.gnome.org

You can also contribute this extension by following these rules on CONTRIBUTING.md. All contributors are welcome.

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