#135 Experimental Maps

• Curated by Felix

Update on what happened across the GNOME project in the week from February 09 to February 16.

Sovereign Tech Fund

Tobias Bernard announces

As part of the GNOME STF (Sovereign Tech Fund) project, a number of community members are working on infrastructure related projects.


New Accessibility Stack (Newton)

  • Matt is working on a client library for Orca and other ATs


Hardware Support


Wayland & Portal APIs

GNOME Core Apps and Libraries


Maps gives you quick access to maps all across the world.

James Westman reports

Maps' “Experimental Map” mode has a new look for GNOME 46! Features include:

  • Dark mode
  • Translated labels, where available
  • Large Text accessibility setting
  • Symbols for highway routes
  • Adwaita icons

You can read more about the new style in my blog post.

Also in experimental mode, you can now click a label and the info bubble appears immediately, no need to right click and choose “What’s Here?”.

GNOME Circle Apps and Libraries

zeenix says

zbus 4.0 released. zbus is a pure Rust D-Bus crate that many GNOME apps and components rely on. The new version brings a more ergonomic and safer API.

NewsFlash feed reader

Follow your favorite blogs & news sites.

Jan Lukas says

Newsflash 3.1 was released. It brings quality of life improvements and bugfixes.



A distraction free Markdown editor.

Manu says

Apostrophe’s bottombar has seen some improvements. Now the statistics button adapts to the available space, and a lot of under-the-hood changes have been made to the whole bottombar widget

Third Party Projects

ghani1990 reports

This week, Flashcards app has introduced some exciting changes that enhance user experience and organization:

  • Tags: Now, users can group flashcards within a set using tags. This feature streamlines organization and makes it easier to manage related cards.
  • Keywords: The app also introduces keywords, allowing users to group entire sets. These keywords serve as filters in the sidebar, making it effortless to locate specific sets.

دانیال بهزادی says

Love is in the air for privacy enthusiasts and individuals residing in tyrannical states. As a Valentine’s Day gift version 4.5.0 of Carburetor released with support for Snowflake and WebTunnel bridges, providing you with even more opportunities to seamlessly connect to the TOR network.

Built upon Libadwaita, Carburetor allows you to easily set up a TOR proxy on your session without getting your hands dirty with system configs. Initially designed to simplify the lives of GNOME enthusiasts on their mobile phones, it’s now fully usable with mouse and/or keyboard too.

ghani1990 says

A new update for Done,The ultimate task management solution for seamless organization and efficiency, is now available! This update includes a new design, a moved services bar, and the ability to expand task details from within each task.

Dexter Reed announces

Chats (aka Chatty) has been ported to use the modern libadwaita 1.4 widgets and sidebar by Chris Talbot, with some help from me (sungsphinx) and Bart Gravendeel (aka Monster).

You can view the pull request here: https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/Chatty/-/merge_requests/1317

xjuan says

I am happy to announce Cambalache’s Gtk4 port has a beta release!

Version 0.17.2 features minors improvements and a brand new UI ported to Gtk 4!

Available in flathub beta!

More information at https://blogs.gnome.org/xjuan/2024/02/16/cambalache-gtk4-port-goes-beta/


A markup language for app developers to create GTK user interfaces.

Sonny announces

AdwAlertDialog support was added to Blueprint. Blueprint is able to support new widgets automatically thanks to GObject Introspection but some widgets have custom builder syntax that needs to be added to Blueprint. Here is the merge request if you’d like to see how custom builder syntax works in Blueprint https://gitlab.gnome.org/jwestman/blueprint-compiler/-/merge_requests/177

That’s all for this week!

See you next week, and be sure to stop by #thisweek:gnome.org with updates on your own projects!