#2 Power-Up!

• Curated by Felix

Update on what happened across the GNOME project in the week from July 16 to July 23.

Core Apps and Libraries


Configure various aspects of your GNOME desktop.

Georges Stavracas (feaneron) says

The Power panel of the Settings app received various improvements on power profiles, like the ability to automatically switch to “Power Saver” mode when low on battery, indications of which apps requested a different power profile, and even lap detection on computer models that support it.


Core system user interface for things like launching apps, switching windows, system search, and more.

Ivan Molodetskikh reports

The new screenshot UI got a few updates:

  • it’s now possible to drag the entire selection rectangle around (rather than just its corners)
  • screen selection now lets you to select the monitor to capture
  • window selection now works fine with multiple monitors and has a dark shade background to make windows more visible

Georges Stavracas (feaneron) says

GNOME Shell now uses unaccelerated deltas for its gestures, like the 3-finger gestures to enter and exit the Overview, and switch workspaces. This unifies the speed of the gestures, making they behave more uniformly regardless of how fast you move your fingers on the touch device.


A Wayland display server and X11 window manager and compositor library.

Georges Stavracas (feaneron) reports

A major reorganization of Mutter’s backend landed, deleting almost 2,000 lines of code and simplifying the overall structure of the code.


A filesystem indexer, metadata storage system and search tool.

Sam Thursfield says

Tracker database engine is now available on Mac OS X via Homebrew, thanks to Daniele Nicolodi and Cogitri

GNOME Builder

IDE for writing GNOME-based software.

gwagner reports

Builder supports now Gtk4 templates. Currently only C templates are available. Contributions welcome!


A simple calendar application.

Georges Stavracas (feaneron) says

GNOME Calendar received an event preview popover, providing quick access to event information and meetings URLs

Circle Apps and Libraries


Lightning fast client for Mastodon.

Bleak Grey announces

Tootle, the native Mastodon client for GNOME, got ported to GTK4 and Adwaita. The new alpha release has seen a major interface redesign, better cache handling, and overall responsiveness boost.

While not entirely supported yet, it also supports logging in to Pleroma instances.


Improve focus and increase your productivity by listening to different sounds.

Rafael Mardojai CM reports

Blanket now will let you save different presets, allowing you to manage your favorite sound combos easily.


Podcast app for GNOME.

nee says

Podcasts now supports importing soundcloud playlist podcasts.

That’s all for this week!

See you next week, and be sure to stop by #thisweek:gnome.org with updates on your own projects!