#40 Rows and Containers

• Curated by Thib

Update on what happened across the GNOME project in the week from April 15 to April 22.

Core Apps and Libraries


A file previewer for the GNOME desktop environment.

feborges announces

I am looking for a new maintainer to take care of Sushi (also known as the NautilusPreviewer, a quick previewer for GNOME Files). I will be happy to help a new maintainer onboard and make releases. For more information, visit https://discourse.gnome.org/t/looking-for-a-new-maintainer-for-sushi/9361


Building blocks for modern GNOME apps using GTK4.

Alexander Mikhaylenko says

I’ve finished and landed entry rows originally implemented by Maximiliano. So now we have AdwEntryRow and AdwPasswordEntryRow

Circle Apps and Libraries

Pika Backup

Simple backups based on borg.

Sophie Herold announces

When setting up an existing backup repository, Pika Backup now offers the option to infer settings from existing archives in the repository. If you previously used BorgBackup with a different tool or via the command line, this can help you to configure Pika Backup.

To optimize performance, new repositories are now initialized with the, in this case, faster BLAKE2 hash algorithm, if the current system does not support SHA256 CPU instructions.


Safe bindings to the Rust language for fundamental libraries from the GNOME stack.

Julian Hofer reports

I’ve added the (fast) mold linker to the org.freedesktop.Sdk.Extension.rust-stable extension. This way, Rust based projects using flatpak can easily benefit from decreased build times. The time spent on linking is especially noticeable for incremental builds. For example, the incremental build of Fragments now only takes 4 instead of 12 seconds. The corresponding MR can be found here.


  1. Add the org.freedesktop.Sdk.Extension.llvm13 extension along with this extension in order to get clang.

  2. Add /usr/lib/sdk/llvm13/bin to append-path.

  3. Set environment variables:

    • CARGO_TARGET_X86_64_UNKNOWN_LINUX_GNU_RUSTFLAGS to -C link-arg=-fuse-ld=/usr/lib/sdk/rust-stable/bin/mold.

In total, the changed parts of your flatpak manifest should look like this:

    "sdk-extensions": [
    "build-options": {
        "append-path": "/usr/lib/sdk/rust-stable/bin:/usr/lib/sdk/llvm13/bin",
        "env": {
            "CARGO_TARGET_X86_64_UNKNOWN_LINUX_GNU_LINKER": "clang",
            "CARGO_TARGET_X86_64_UNKNOWN_LINUX_GNU_RUSTFLAGS": "-C link-arg=-fuse-ld=/usr/lib/sdk/rust-stable/bin/mold",
            "CARGO_TARGET_AARCH64_UNKNOWN_LINUX_GNU_RUSTFLAGS": "-C link-arg=-fuse-ld=/usr/lib/sdk/rust-stable/bin/mold"


Simple application for generating Two-Factor Authentication Codes.

Bilal Elmoussaoui announces

I have finally took the time to make a new release of Authenticator including various fancy features. Here is a quick summary of what we have been working on:

  • Port to GTK 4
  • Encrypted backup support
  • Use the camera portal for scanning QR codes
  • GNOME Shell search provider
  • Allow editing accounts provider
  • Better favicons detection
  • Refined user interface

Third Party Projects


A podman desktop application

marhkb announces

A lot has happened since the initial announcement of Symphony, a desktop application for Podman.

First, Symphony was renamed to Pods. Thanks to GitHub user fostertheweb for this suggestion. The name is more concise and avoids associations with a music application.

Other new features include:

  • A manual dark mode, which can be activated independently of the system style
  • Image details are now displayed in a separate page within a leaflet instead of in an ExpanderRow
  • You can now open a dialog to display basic information about Podman
  • Containers can now be renamed easily via a dialog
  • The prune dialog has been reworked and now offers more options
  • A circular indicator now gives information about a container’s CPU and memory status
  • Container logs can now be viewed and searched
  • A dialog can now be used to create and start new containers from existing images


Track your time without being tracked

rickykresslein says

Furtherance, a time-tracking app for GNOME, version 1.1.2 was released with the ability to add tags! Some smaller improvements: the app icon is now aligned better, the start and delete buttons are now blue and red, respectively, and three more translations were added.


Plays music, and nothing else.

Emmanuele Bassi says

It’s Friday, and there’s a new release of Amberol, the music player with no delusions of grandeur! In this release I’ve added a few niceties, like being able to see the position in waveform of the currently playing song; a remove button for modifying the playlist; and a whole new adaptive UI layout that works just as well on the desktop as it does on a mobile device. You can find Amberol 0.4.0 on Flathub.

GNOME Foundation

Thib says

Where is the Foundation even going? Not in the cloud!

I wrote this post to shed some light on a programme the Foundation wants to conduct, how it will impact the GNOME Project, and how the contributors can help shaping it.


Neil McGovern says

Registration is now open for GUADEC (July 20th - 25th) https://events.gnome.org/event/77/

Neil McGovern reports

Linux App Summit (https://linuxappsummit.org/) starts on Friday 29th, check out the schedule at https://conf.linuxappsummit.org/event/4/timetable/#all

That’s all for this week!

See you next week, and be sure to stop by #thisweek:gnome.org with updates on your own projects!