#45 Timeout!

• Curated by Felix

Update on what happened across the GNOME project in the week from May 20 to May 27.

Core Apps and Libraries


The low-level core library that forms the basis for projects such as GTK and GNOME.

Philip Withnall says

New g_idle_add_once() and g_timeout_add_once() functions just landed in GLib, courtesy of Emmanuele Bassi. They make it simpler to add an idle or timeout callback which is only ever dispatched once.

Philip Withnall reports

Also in GLib land, Thomas Haller’s work to add automatic NULL-termination support to GPtrArray has just landed


Providing a simple and integrated way of managing your files and browsing your file system.

antoniof reports

Solid improvements are coming to the GTK 4 port of Files. This week, with the help of Corey Berla and advice from Alexander Mikhaylenko, I’ve enhanced the experience for mouse users without hindering future improvements for touch users. As a new feature, now the middle button can be used to open multiple selected files at once.

Third Party Projects


A sandbox to learn and prototype with GNOME technologies.

sonnyp says

I added support for previewing templates and signals in Workbench as well as converting back and forth between XML and Blueprint


Track your time without being tracked

Ricky Kresslein reports

Furtherance v1.3.0 was released and now has the ability to autosave and automatically restore autosaves after an improper shutdown. Also, tasks can now be added manually, and task names can be changed for an entire group.


Plays music, and nothing else.

Emmanuele Bassi says

Various fixes to Amberol, including a refresh of the main application icon, and tweaks to the styling of elements such as the waveform view, volume control, and loading progress bar.


Thib says

GNOME is participating to GSoC this year again, and we have no less than 9 interns this year! Health, Chromecast Support, Pitivi (video editor), Nautilus (files manager), Fractal and engagement websites: such are the projects that will receive great contributions this summer!

You can read all the details, welcome the interns and thank the mentors in this post. Many thanks to contributing to a vibrant project and community.

GNOME Shell Extensions

aunetx reports

Blur my Shell has recently seen some big changes, and a lot more are probably coming soon!

To keep you updated:

  • a color and a noise effect have been added, they can help to make the blur more legible and prevent color banding on low-resolution screens – or to simply have have some fun :p
  • a lot of the internal preferences have been changed – this probably resulted in some of you having Blur my Shell preferences reset, sorry about this :(
  • translation have been added to different languages, including French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian and Arabic: if you want to help the project, you can translate the preferences in you own language using Weblate!

That’s all for this week!

See you next week, and be sure to stop by #thisweek:gnome.org with updates on your own projects!