#57 Flashy Colors

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Update on what happened across the GNOME project in the week from August 12 to August 19.

Circle Apps and Libraries

NewsFlash feed reader

Follow your favorite blogs & news sites.

Jan Lukas says

Thanks to a contribution of Pierre Auclair NewsFlash gained the ability to render Latex math formulas inside of articles with the help of mathjax. NewsFlash showing an article with math formulas


A simple screen recorder with a minimal interface. You can simply click the record button without having to configure a bunch of settings.

SeaDve reports

Kooha 2.1.0 was released with the following new features and fixes:

  • Previously selected video sources are now remembered.
  • It is now possible to cancel while flushing the recording.
  • Settings toggle button now uses different icons to discern state more clearly.
  • Added 3 seconds delay option.
  • MP4 encoder failing to initialize on uneven resolutions is now fixed.
  • Fixed time display on time greater than an hour.
  • Recordings are now stored default in a “Kooha” XDG videos subfolder. (This won’t affect existing settings.)
  • “Show in Files” button now highlights the recording in the file manager.
  • Improve support information through the about window.
  • Other error handling and stability improvements.

Third Party Projects

0xMRTT announces

This week, Gradience (Adwaita Manager) have some improvements

  • Project was renamed to “Gradience” to remove any confusion with official GNOME app.
  • Monet engine performance improved (2 sec in v0.2.0 and 2.5 minutes in v0.1.0)
  • Fixed invisible text in “cards” when Monet palette was applied
  • Small UI improvements Gradience showing the monet engine colors in light mode Gradience showing the monet engine colors in dark mode

Paulo says

It’s been over a month since Black Box was announced on TWIG. Since then, a lot has changed. Most recently, version 0.12.0 brought:

  • Support for searching text in the terminal
  • Support for customizing the number of lines kept in the buffer
  • Support for reserving part of the header bar to drag the window
  • Improved theme integration and refined UI
  • Lower CPU usage, thanks to an update in VTE

Also, 18 bugs have been fixed, and new translations have been added for 2 languages, with 2 more on the way. Check it out! BlackBox terminal showing system information and a color palette


Easily run Windows software on Linux with Bottles!

Hari Rana (TheEvilSkeleton) announces

Bottles 2022.8.14 was released!

We are introducing vmtouch to cache data and improve performance! This can be enabled from preferences.

We are also introducing a new dialog to configure vkBasalt settings, to change effects and color lookup table!

To further integrate vkBasalt, we now allow modifying vkBasalt configurations per-bottle. This means that each bottle can now have a separate vkBasalt configuration!

We brought back the dark mode switcher as well, as many desktop environments and distributions don’t come with a dark style preference. That way, users have the option to force dark mode.

Other changes include:

  • Prevent programs from launching when clicking on the entry instead of the play button
  • Windows can now be closed by pressing Escape
  • The Library view now supports program settings overrides
  • “Add to Steam” and “Add Desktop Entry” now supports integrations (Epic, Ubisoft, etc.)
  • The bottles-cli “programs” option now list programs from integrations as well
  • Gamescope is now compatible with FSR
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Fix missing translations, thanks to @A6GibKm
  • Fix a bug in “Add to Steam”, was not supporting ~/.steam
  • Fix a regression on renaming programs, this was causing duplicated entries
  • Fix a bug in the internal-sandbox, wine symlinks were not unlinked if the username had special characters
  • Fix a bug in generating desktop entries for programs with spaces in their names
  • Fix a bug in the copy_dll dependency action, wildcards were not handled correctly, thanks to @siroccal
  • Fix a bug in loading gstreamer libraries, were not respecting the bottle architecture
  • Fix a regression in library mode, adding a new program was causing a loop when the bottle name and path mismatched
  • Improved translations

For more information about the new update, check out our release page! Bottles vkBasalt settings Bottles vmtouch settings



Safe bindings to the Rust language for fundamental libraries from the GNOME stack.

Julian 🍃 says

I’ve published two new sections of the gtk-rs book. They introduce Libadwaita, show how to add it to a gtk-rs app and let the Todo app use Libadwaita with minimal changes to the code base. You can find the libadwaita chapter here: https://gtk-rs.org/gtk4-rs/stable/latest/book/libadwaita.html.

The sections have been reviewed by Alexander Mikhaylenko and Ivan Molodetskikh.


Emmanuele Bassi announces

25 years ago this week, Miguel de Icaza announced GNOME, a project for creating a free software desktop environment and application development platform. A quarter of a century later, and the GNOME project is still here, working to make a better, free, open desktop for everyone. Happy birthday, GNOME, and let’s raise a glass to the next 25 years!

That’s all for this week!

See you next week, and be sure to stop by #thisweek:gnome.org with updates on your own projects!